Learn about protecting your investment with Toyota Vehicle Protection Plans

When customers visit our dealership on a mission to buy a new Toyota we want them to understand what they'll go through. First they'll meet with a sales person, go on a test drive, and then sit down with a finance specialist. This finance specialist will go over the numbers and interest rates based off the credit application and also bring up the option to tack on Toyota Vehicle Protection Packages.

Some people just view them as a way for dealerships to make more money. Yes, they do benefit us financially, but we also know that buying a new vehicle is a big commitment and we want our customer's major investments to be protected from various circumstances that could drain or put a significant dent in an emergency savings account.

To stop that from happening in most cases, Toyota has developed these plans:

  • Toyota Auto Care
  • Toyota Extra Care Platinum
  • Guaranteed Auto Protection (aka: GAP insurance)
  • Tire & Wheel Protection
  • Toyota Certified
  • Key Replacement Program (perfect if you're someone who, well, has a habit of misplacing things)
  • Excess Wear & Use (ideal for parents of young children and toddlers who tend to be a little messy, pet owners, or people who carry a lot of gear inside their Toyota)

Which one appeals to you the most? To learn more about these plans as you begin shopping for your next Toyota, contact us or visit the program page. This way you can have time to think about what options are right for you so you'll already know what ones to tell our finance team to add on.

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