Tire rotations change up the positions of car tires. Rear and front tires get switched, and the tires could even receive side-to-side repositioning. Usually, tire rotations take place when taking a vehicle in for an oil change. Both oil changes and tire rotations are commonly due every 5,000 miles of driving. Owners tend to be diligent with oil changes over engine wear concerns. Not every driver, however, realizes how vital tire rotations are.

Tires experience uneven wear based on positioning. Front tires, in particular, can suffer far more wear. Switching the tires evens the wear, which helps with handling and traction. You don't want a tire's treads to go too low, or else safety may be compromised.

Tire rotations afford a chance to inspect tires, brakes, and other parts of the car. Those inspections further help with safe driving in Freehold, NJ.

The service team at DCH Freehold Toyota wants to help you care for your car. Call us for a tire rotation appointment.

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