Get Superior Performance And Excellent Handling With The All-New Toyota Supra GR Model

The all-new Toyota Supra GR model is designed to revive the popular and undeniably iconic line of sports cars. Freehold drivers seeking superior performance, handling, and speed are sure to be impressed by the expansive range of innovative features and capabilities that this outstanding automobile possesses. At DCH Freehold Toyota, we're incredibly excited to highlight some of the very best upgrades that this vehicle now offers.

The Toyota Supra GR Has A Super-Wide Chassis That's Built For Excellent Handling

When you invest in the Supra GR, you'll get a chassis that's been strategically built for excellent handling. An ultra-wide platform measuring 1850 mm is matched to an ideally calculated wheelbase. The result is unrivaled agility, and a seamless, unbroken connection between the driver and the road.

The Contact Patch For Every Tire Is Optimized By An Adaptive Variable Suspension

The Supra GR also has an innovative Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) that essentially interprets the road countless times every second. As such, every shock can soften or stiffen as required for smooth and easy handling, and optimum tire traction. Visit us at DCH Freehold Toyota today to take the Toyota Supra GR for a test drive.


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