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Toyota Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

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Shop the New Toyota Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Inventory When You Visit DCH Freehold Toyota

There is no doubt that shopping for an eco-friendly vehicle is getting more intriguing by the day.  The reason that this is the case is that there are now many more options for car shoppers to consider.  With so many automakers putting a lot of effort and money into bolstering their hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) lineups, there is no doubt that these technologies are going to be very important to the future of driving worldwide.

The Toyota brand is at the forefront of making sure that car shoppers have many high-quality options when they are looking for hybrid cars and EVs.  DCH Freehold Toyota, located at 4268 Route 9 South in Freehold, NJ, is where you can find a wide selection of new Toyota hybrid and EV models to peruse.

Why Should I Buy or Lease a New Toyota Hybrid or Electric Vehicle?

People have so many choices when it comes to new cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans, so why should they choose to shop for a new hybrid car or EV.  There are many reasons why car shoppers should make the plunge into these technologies.

First, hybrid cars and EVs seem to be the wave of the future.  Many automakers are creating more options for folks to consider, while others are pledging to convert their entire lineups to these technologies in the not-too-distant future.  Additionally, buying or leasing a hybrid car or EV will shield you from the impact of the volatile gas market.  EVs don't use any fuel, while hybrid cars are very efficient when it comes to the use of gasoline.  This fact can keep more cash in your pocket.

Speaking of saving money, you may save on car maintenance when you buy or lease a new Toyota EV.  EVs are known for having lower costs associated with auto service because they don't need many maintenance items associated with running an internal combustion engine.

Check Out the Toyota Hybrid Inventory

If you are looking for a hybrid vehicle, the Toyota lineup has a variety of options for you to browse.  Many of the most popular choices can be found when you shop with the team at DCH Freehold Toyota.  Hybrid vehicles are a good option for someone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint, but isn't ready to completely make a shift to an EV yet.  Some of the hybrid vehicles you can often see in our inventory include:

Buy or Lease a New Toyota Electric Vehicle from Our Dealership

The lineup of Toyota EVs continues to grow.  Currently, there are many options that blend the best of a hybrid powertrain with some of what you can get from an EV.  There are also some choices that are strictly EVs.  If you are shopping for a new Toyota EV, you should make your way to see the team at DCH Freehold Toyota.  We have many interesting models for you to check out when you are with us in person or shopping online.

Some of the new Toyota EVs that you might find at our dealership include:

The all-new 2023 Toyota bz4X is the brand's first adventure into the world of an all-electric SUV.  This crossover SUV provides the smooth, comfortable ride that people have come to expect from the Toyota brand, as well as the intuitive technology.  It gets up to an EPA-estimated 252 miles of range on a single charge.  This Toyota EV comes available with all-wheel drive and luxuries like heated/ventilated seats.

When you opt for the all-wheel drive platform, this Toyota vehicle can push out 214 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque.  Some of the standard and available technology you can get in this model include Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, navigation, hands-free liftgate, a wireless charging pad, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen.

Visit the Team at DCH Freehold Toyota

Car shoppers who can't find the hybrid car or EV that they want in our inventory don't have to worry about going to shop elsewhere.  With our custom order process, we can get you the vehicle you want without any compromising or settling.  You can have exactly what you want in your new ride.

Schedule your test drive of a hybrid or EV with DCH Freehold Toyota today.